KiDs KoloRs

Here it is!
Carlye Creates ‘KiDs kOloRs’, my own original Kids inspired line of Art.

My works of Art for Your sweet little Works of Living Art.
Hope you enjoy!
They are all on my Etsy page, waiting to be adopted and come live with you.


           the Giver & the Reciever


                 Dodging Raindrops


                Optomistic Elephant


                    Unlikely Friends


                      Mud Puddling


                Who’s Sweet Dreams


                     Bird Watching

I hope these bring laughter, joy, whimsy, peace, hope and love to your walls. I know my 3 little Living piece of Art have brought a lot of JOY to our lives. AND I am so very thankful for them.

P.s. if you have any ideas or requests for new subjects of my KiDs’ kOloRs don’t hesitate to leave me your gems below in a comment.

  • reply Virginia ,

    These guys are so fun!! My favorite is the Bird Watchers. Very cute.

    • reply Carlye ,

      Thanks Virginia. They were fun to do. You’ve got great ideas and taste- so if u ever get an idea for a painting, just hollar. I’m all ears.

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