It’s Print Time…VOTE NOW for your FAVE!

So, next up I’m gonna be making PRINTS and I want your help. I’ve selected 3 paintings already to be turned into prints. I will be revealing the NEW Print options and sizes in the next week. But you can vote on which flora painting gets turned into a print first. They will be available on my Etsy shop later this month for purchase.

Here’s the ones in the running:


#1 Burns’ Rose

#2 Agave Love

#3 Camellia’s Home

#4 South African purple plume

VOTE NOW in the ‘COMMENTS’ below for you pick. Voting open for 2 days, thru this Friday.


  • reply Meredith @ The Palette Muse ,

    That’s a tough call! I vote for #1, closely followed by #2. They’re all gorgeous!

    • reply Debo ,

      I like Agave Love

      • reply Leslie Ruth ,

        I vote for Agave Love!

        • reply Carlye ,

          Thanks for the votes ladies. Agave it is. Stay tuned. 🙂

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