The End. (for now)

And the last chapter of this month’s ART Adventure Story comes to a wonderful close after going through 5 different…


I’m exhausted but had a lot of fun, so thanks for your support.

To show my appreciation for your company on this fun trip, I am going to keep the special #SEPTEMBER #30paintigsin30days prices up for another week in my EtsyShop. So, if a certain painting or two hit home with you, now is the best time to click on over and take that baby into your home.

Hope you enjoy these last 5.

Next week I will have a collage up of all 30 paintings and a New Fun Event for any of you who are LOCAL to Durham, NC. Hint: It involves a new local Brewery.

Faith's Window
Faith’s Window
Faithfulness = sexy
Faithfulness = sexy
Unexpected Beauty
Home of My Heart /Love
Home of My Heart /Love

Chapter 5: Road Trip


30 in 30
Road Trip

This chapter’ road trips took us through Fun & Laughter. But, much like a good road trip it wasn’t all fun and games. I also painted; trust, freedom and transformation.

I’m not going to try and go into it all right here, but there are a lot of pretty crappy things happening in the world and even in my own state of North Carolina. Black brothers killed by police officers, refugees fleeing from their homes and all they know only to be rejected , unwanted and treated as inconvenient. Children went hungry this week. People acted in retaliation and hate.

That happens every week you say? And why are you talking about here and now?

Just because it happens doesn’t mean it’s o.k. or even o.k. with me. So, here is where I am saying I have hope for justice, I have prayers for peace, I have visions of people transforming and acting as neighbors, really learning to love each other, rather than hate one another. It’s hard to love, to hope and to have peace despite and within these days. But it’s worth the struggle. It’s worth the effort.

There is always hope, even during injustice, anger and pain.


Southwest Road Trip


Blue Road


Mountains That Made Me Laugh


Freedom road trip




Chapt. 4: I’ve got my trees all in a row…

This next 5 paintings where all of trees, although I think this 5 has the most diverse look to them of all of the paintings we’ve toured on this art adventure so far. This chapter has taken us from a country road to a tropical island. We’ve seen trees from a distance  in their rows and also up close, narrowing the perspective of the row to an individual tree or from underneath the canopy of trees. And lastly we’ve enjoyed the warmth of ‘Belonging’, glimpsed ‘Hope’, been ‘Awestruck’, basked in a tropical night’s ‘Peace’ and sat in ‘Simplicity’. if you missed any of these, here they are below or come follow me on Instagram to see all my past and future #30paintingsin30days @carlyecreates

sequoia tree




Peace in the Dark
Peace in the Dark


Row of Trees




Only 2 more chapters left in this art adventure. The next one is all about the Road. Cue Willie Nelson in your mind (what you don’t have a mental sound track?, well I highly recommend investing in one – it’s free and it exercises your imagination,- but I digress and reveal much too much of my quirkiness) singing “on the Road Again, just can’t wait to be on that road again…” come join me and see Daily on Instagram what I’m painting. @carlyecreates

Chapter 3: Wide Open Spaces

Five more paintings down and half way through.

This painting was the original idea for this section. these 5 do not look as similar as some of the other sets of 5 because I chose to explore different types of scapes that are all “open space”; beach, clouds, mountains, stars, and open road.

Original Wide Open Space
4 x 6 Acrylic on Birch panel
Cosmic Beauty
Healing Recieved
Healing Received

If you have a minute, come on over to my Etsy shop and read some of the descriptions for these, the stories behind the paintings.

We’re half way through the month so only half way through these #30paintingsin30days. And don’t forget to follow me on IG so that you can see each painting as newborns. I post them on IG each day. I hope you enjoy.

Sept 2016 30 in 30: Chapter 1

The Original Sound Painting
The Original Sound Painting


So here is the happy home of the Original Sound Painting, owned by a private collector, blogger and fellow artist @thepallettemuse. I painted it over a year ago of the North Carolina Sound, after spending a week basking in this view on Topsoil Island Beach. Since then, many people have commented that they really liked it.

So, that is why I picked it for one of the 5 paintings I would recreate in different moods, colors, styles, times of day and season. So here they are…the first 5 paintings of my 30 paintings in 30 days of September 2016.

Hope you enjoy.

p.s. They have all sold, so if you want a chance at first dibs on any of the future paintings, you should follow me on Instagram, @carlyecreates, where you will have immediate access to see and purchase any one of the next set of 5, or the whole set if you wish. Also on my IG account, you will get a sneak peek later today at which painting of mine I will be reinventing in 5 different ways the next 5 days.

Forgiveness 9 x12 Acrylic on Birch SOLD
9 x12
Acrylic on Birch


A Joyful Sound 8 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD
A Joyful Sound
8 x 8
Acrylic on Canvas


Serenity 20 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD
20 x 20
Acrylic on Canvas
Journey 18 x 18 Acrylic on Birch wood SOLD
18 x 18
Acrylic on Birch wood


Dreaming 12 x 12 Acrylic on Birch SOLD
12 x 12
Acrylic on Birch