I’ll be honest…

Privately Owned / Artist Available for Bridal Bouquet Comissions
Abstract Bridal Bouquet / Acrylic / Privately Owned / Artist Available for Bridal Bouquet Comissions

I’ll be honest. I was growing a little impatient waiting for Spring. Winter is hard for me and this year I didn’t have skiing to distract me every week (since we moved from New Mexico to North Carolina the skiing days severely decreased, but the beach days will increase so I can’t complain). So, this the very first day of Spring finds me already having painted a lot of flowers. Not to get too philosophical but something I really love and learn from about flowers is…they bloom when they are ready, when it’s they’re time. You can whisper sweet nothings to them, give them warm baths to encourage them but those tight little buds of potential can’t be forced to bloom in a minute. If only I was so patient and loving with myself while I wait for my dreams and potential to bloom. Birthing is like that too. Babies can be encouraged but aint’ nothing like the stubbornness of Mother Nature. So, if you happen to be dreaming and waiting like me, don’t forget to cherish the blooms around you, especially those sister blooms. Girlfriends be blooming out their strength, beauty, wisdom and dreams all over the place. So, you go girls! if it’s your time, I hope you enjoy every moment of your blooming. I’ll join you in the meantime by trying to be kind to myself while I allow my potential and dreams to grow.

South African Bloom / watercolor / available on etsy shop

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