There’s always hope.

I paint to share hope and to cast light on and bring out color in the ordinary or even dark places in our lives.


I am a Mom of 3 and resident to Durham, North Carolina. I have spent the last 8 years deepening my self taught skills through commissions, classes, and exhibitions in the southeast as well as a three year sojourn in New Mexico.

My style leans toward the colorful abstract, but is inspired by Impressionism.  I works to interpret landscapes and flora in a bold, larger than life way that is teeming with exuberance.  I paint what I see around me – everyday impressions of colorful joy and buoyant beauty.

I often finds that the narrative of hope is readily reflected in the mirror of nature. While it is as easy to feel despair as it is to see only brown in the desert, I chooses to search for more. When I do, I discover an explosion of life through unexpected colors and the human-like contours of the earth and its flora. These, in turn, provide the perfect natural conduits through which Carlye crafts her life-giving and affirming artistic expressions of hope and beauties of the soul.