There’s always hope.

My aspiration as an artist is simply this: To share Hope, cast light on and bring out color in the ordinary or dark places in our lives.

I have been fortunate enough to experience life renewing intangible truths like hope and love. I am very aware that this is not a given for many who I share this world with. In gratitude of this, I seek to share a story of hope and renewal.

I seek to share with others the very best of life, to paint God sized intangibles in life (like hope, joy, renewal, peace, passion, kindness, integrity, strength and beauty).As an artist, I want to affirm that, in spite of the pain, suffering and injustices in our world — there IS always Hope.

My style leans toward the colorful abstract but is inspired by impressionism. I work to interpret landscapes and flora in a bold, larger-than-life way that is teeming with life. I paint what I see around me – everyday impressions of colorful joy and buoyant beauty. I find the narrative of hope is readily reflected in the mirror of nature.

While it is as easy to feel despair as it is to see only brown in the desert, I choose to search for more. And when I do, I discover an explosion of life through unexpected color, human-like contours of the earth and its flora and the perfect natural conduits to share life giving and affirming intangibles